African Wild Dogs with 10 Puppies | Dancing Dog Blog

The Dancing Dog Blog has a great post about some new residents at the Brookfield Zoo — ten new, incredibly cute african wild dog puppies (check out the video below).  As usual, the Dancing Dog shines a bright light in interesting places!

The Dancing Dog inspired us to read a bit more about African Wild Dogs.  Did you know that no two African Wild Dogs have the same markings? The pattern on each coat is a distinguishing characteristic for each individual!  You can learn more about African Wild dogs, the existential crisis facing this species & how to get involved at the African Wildlife Foundation site.

And if you want to see  a great clip of these animals in the wild, check out this clip from Planet Earth:


2 responses to “African Wild Dogs with 10 Puppies | Dancing Dog Blog

  1. Sterling BBC video you found – it was fascinating to see the speed of the dog vs the Impala…it’s one thing to read that they can run at a speed of 55 mph, another to watch it! Thanks so much for this – I will link to this for Dancing Dog Blog’s readers to enjoy.

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